Display Bug

When I signed up for a premium subscription, I decided to upload selected TCX files because my auto-downloaded records had some bad data (inaccurate power meter). So, I went to Garmin Connect (web version), selected the activities I wanted and exported as TCX, the uploaded into XERT.

All seems fine, except all of those files, when looking at the details page, the distance shown is two orders of magnitude too high (i.e., 26.5 miles becomes 26500 miles) and the speeds are also incorrect.

Please note this display bug only occurs on the Details page. The Dashboard and Table View show it correctly.

I have one automatically uploaded file (a ride last night) that was automatically pushed by Garmin. This one is correct. So, it seems to be something about the TCX processing or how Garmin presents this data in the TCX.

Thanks. We’ll have a look at that.