Discrepancy between Training Planner on Website and Workout on App

Hi Guys,

I select a workout on the website in the Training Planner, but my preferred workout is not selected in the app. Is it safe to assume that from a Workout Planner point of view the two applications do not sync?

Hi Kegan,

Do you have the option ‘Select A Recommended Workout Automatically’ disabled in Xert online? If that option is enabled, the workout player will randomly select one of the top 4 recommended workouts when you launch one of our workout players.

Hi Scott,

Thanks I see that it works when I do the auto select.

Will this apply to tomorrow’s workout that I have selected in the Planner?

Yes, it will automatically select the right workout. The ride is typically automatically selected about 2 hours before the ride is scheduled, so be sure that you have the workout planned when you’re intending to ride (i.e. if the workout is scheduled for 11pm and you go to ride at 7am, it may not be selected yet).