Discrepancy between live breakthrough data and report

Hi All,
I installed the Garmin fields and today during my ride up the hill I paid attention to the numbers. I knew a breakthrough was in the making, as Xert estimated my TP much too low. About midway through the climb I started seeing MPA around 300 and dropping quickly, then a sound in the computer signaled a breakthrough and MPA got stuck at 220 for the second half of the climb.

However, the report shows this:


How do you reconcile these two descriptions of today’s activity?


The garmin was showing MPA based on your old fitness signature whereas the website shows you MPA with the new signature.

If you click advanced MPA (just above the map) and then Previous (bottom right, below the power chart) you’ll see what the Garmin was reporting.


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On a related note the Garmin app (or phone app) may trigger a breakthrough alert during a ride that turns out to be a near breakthrough (fakethrough) when the activity is uploaded to XO.
That’s because the app is comparing your current signature against that activity (while it happens) whereas the XO server considers all data from that activity against your historical data.
In either case this demonstrates the power of Xert, constantly evaluating your fitness signature against every activity.
Depending how often you challenge yourself on rides you may not need to perform deliberate breakthrough workouts.
That’s why Xert can legitimately say “Never do a 20 min FTP test again.”.
Of course you can do traditional tests if you want (old habits die hard :slight_smile: ), but I’d much rather challenge myself on a climb when I feel like it or occasionally hammer and sprint during a group ride.


Thank you x100