Discrepancies between website and Garmin App

Yesterday I used my Garmin 1030 to log a ride. Using the Garmin Connect IQ App for Calories burned, my 1030 display reported 98.5 grams of fat and 58.1 grams of carbs burned at the end of the ride. When I look at the same stats on the website, the numbers are Total Fat, 47 grams and Total Carbs 166. Based on the effort and heart rate maintained during the ride, the website numbers seem more realistic. My XSS score on the Garmin display was 111 for the exercise, while the website reports an XSS of 152. These seem significantly different. Garmin software is latest release and Connect IQ Apps are up to date.

Hi Robert. Be sure that the app is using your latest fitness signature (check that the status indicator is green on the datafield). This helps make the data more consistent. Also, if you had a breakthrough and your signature for the activity is different than what was used on the ride, this could also explain the difference. Another possibility is from errors in the data that get corrected on the server (not on the Garmin). Math is the same so they should be the same values.

Fields all showed green, after update, no breakthroughs. This was my first ride outside this year, but I have noticed similar discrepancies when using a Wahoo Kicker and doing rides on Zwift for the last two months.

Most definitely they are not using the same signature or the data itself is completely different.

OK, any suggestions on resolving the descrepancies?

Thanks for contacting support and getting this resolved.

this is also the case with me, only this is in 2022. Everything is good, but the numbers on the Garmin are completely different than on the website. so I can’t use my nutrition strategy during the ride. can this be solved?