Disabling power match on Android

My trainer directly connects directly to my power meter and basically does its own power matching, so I would like to disable power match in the Android Xert Mobile app. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any option in the sensors settings for powermatch. Where can I find the setting for this?

I found an old post that shows that this should be possible, but my screen doesn’t show anything similar to what was posted here: No powermatch option?

This screenshot shows what I see when I get to click on the gear icon next to the trainer:

And this screenshot shows the Sensors Settings screen:

To share a little more detail: the trainer is InsideRide E-motion, and the power meter is Stages L. If I have Xert get power data from the trainer, then there’s a little too much lag and smoothing. If I have Xert get power data from the power meter, then ERG mode is finicky.

Is there an easy way to disable power match that I’m just not seeing? Thanks.

Powermatch is automatic now when you pair power to a power meter and trainer control to the trainer.
If you pair both power and trainer control to the trainer powermatch is effectively disabled since they are the same.

Thanks for the quick response. It sounds like for now I’ll have to keep connecting both power and trainer control to the trainer. Unfortunately, this adds extra lag and smoothing. Or an alternative would be to use two Android devices with Xert Mobile, one for controlling the trainer and the other for recording activities, but that sounds a little cumbersome.

Would it be possible to either add an option to disable powermatch or to automatically disable it when the trainer is an InsideRide?

What about trainer control only and no power option paired?

I’m not sure I’m understanding that suggestion. Would that be for a second Android device?

If it were only one Android device (the ideal situation), then not pairing power would mean that Xert can’t record any data, right?

I mean if only trainer control is paired (powermatch not in play) does the extra lag stop in ERG mode?
If so then it does sound like there is an issue with powermatch using that trainer.
Perhaps another E-motion user will pipe in with their experience.

Oh, I realize now that there are two different types of lag that I didn’t differentiate: lag in controlling power and lag in recording power data.

When I use the trainer for both control and data (where the trainer is smoothing data it’s receiving from the Stages), there is lag in showing power data in Xert but there is no lag in controlling power.

When I use the Stages for power data in Xert, I don’t see either sort of lag, but ERG accuracy decreases. I find this ERG accuracy problem worse than the lag problem, FWIW.

I think the ideal situation would be to disable power matching since the trainer is already using the Stages to do its own power matching internally.

Out of curiosity, is it possible to disable the internal power matching on the rollers? Unfortunately, not wanting to powermatch is a bit of an edge case for us.

I totally agree that it’s an annoying edge case all around. There isn’t any way to disable the internal power matching, and while not knowing any of the technical details, I find it plausible that internal power matching can do a better job than external power matching could hope to.

I did email InsideRide this weekend to ask whether they could disable the smoothing/latency in the device. If it were to immediately relay the data from the power meter to Xert, then using the rollers as the power source in Xert would work fine. I wouldn’t imagine that this would add more than a couple hundred milliseconds of latency at worst.

So it seems like this problem is probably fixable on either side. I’m happy either way, just so long as I can get everything working. :slight_smile: