Difficulty Score - did I break it?

I tried a TT up the Alpe du Zwift this morning. Went out a bit too hard, got a small breakthrough, but the difficulty score is, literally, off the charts! Scale seems to go to 200 yet I achieved 229? Is it legit?

Been there, done that. It’s rare, but it happens. Well done :sunglasses:

Ok, glad I am not the only one. Thanks!

Going over 200 difficulty is fairly rare. But this seems fairly reasonable.

I’m sure if you went to Advanced MPA, bumped up TP by a couple watts and decreased HIE by a few tenths of a kJ, you’d likely get a much lower DS.

Scott, I did not know this was possible with the Advanced MPA view, I will take a look, thanks! Also your comment about tuning TP higher and HIE lower makes sense as my TP has generally been decaying for a month during more aerobic training, but I feel like physiologically it has held steady.

Yup, you can manually edit the parameters slightly, then hit refresh to see the activity analyzed with the edited numbers. You can also hit ‘Extract’ for our extraction algorithm to run and determine the parameters (note: this will only work when MPA & power are closer to each other at some point in the activity).

When you’re happy with the changes, you can click save and it will save/lock that activity, as well as reanalyze any activities that have been uploaded from that date using the new signature. HTH