Difficulty in getting Xert workout player to work

Hi, I’ve been unable to get the Xert remote workout player to function correctly with my Kickt (gen 1). I’ve tried with both the Android App and the Garmin 520, but no luck. My phone is able to link to the Kickr (and to my bluetooth Wahoo cadence sensor), but for some reason I cannot get either the mobile app or my Garmin to control my trainer. Any suggestions? Thanks – Mark

Please check out our videos. They should provide a bit of guidance to help you. They key is to configure your trainer in both apps, preferably using the ANT+ FE-C (Fitness Equipment Device) interface.

On the 520, there’s an option (hit the back key to get there) to SELECT. It will search for the Kickr (ANT+); select it. At that point, the Xert Player will control the trainer during the workout. That is, if 250 watts is called for, it will cause the trainer to provide 250 watts resistance irrespective of gear/cadence selected. There’s also an option buried within the general (non Xert application) menus of the 520 that allow you to use the Edge 520 to directly control the trainer. This needs to be OFF. Xert is AWESOME but document is sparse at best…