Different XSS for Run and Bike

maybe this question has been asked, but I was not able to find something similar.

I have a created a run and a bike account.
I use a Forerunner 745 with HRM Tri for power for my runs and for cycling an Edge 1030 Plus with Assioma Favero outdoors and with Wahoo Kickr Snap indoors.

On my bike account I have automatic uploaded all bike activities and manullay uplaoded all run activities (Duration, XSS, Distance, Activity Type, Focus, Specificity Rating). On my run account I did vice versa.

On both accounts I have the same targets (Target Event Date, Training Status/Advice as of, Athlete Type, Improvement Rate).

Now if I look to my Adaptive Training Advisor there is a difference in XSS. Is this normal or am I missing something?