Different threshold power

I’m new to xert but I’m already loving it!
I have a question about having different power threshold in different situation, since my power drop considerably when on the TTbike compared to the Road bike… It also drop when indoor compared to outdoor.
This is a problem for me expecially because of the fatigue management since if I do a Tt effort it shows of as moderate while in reality it left me wasted…
I tried to manual tailor a different threshold for the workout and extracting signature but it effects all my other rides and it lowers my TP for road or outdoor activities…
Can you help me on that?
Thanks a lot!

Hi Andrea. Thanks for kind words! We don’t yet have a way to manage multiple profiles that you allow you to manage separate signature values for different positions, modalities, power meters, etc. that should be used for separate sets of activities. It will be a pretty big change to the software and we’re not there yet but it is in the plans (no committed dates… still in planning). You can update signatures for individual rides. It is a bit of a pain but can be done. Generally, we don’t recommend you changing signatures for indoor/outdoor unless you are using a different power meter. For most, the reason for lower power isn’t always because they have a lower signature values but is due to other limiters that are seen indoors vs. outdoors, at least this is the most common viewpoint.

Hi Andrea, the same here. When I test outdoors my TP or FTP is always higher by about 10 to 15 Watts than on the trainer indoors even though I have to powerful fans blowing. This is a common observation, you can google, e.g. Joe Friel addresses this question quite well: http://www.joefrielsblog.com/2011/01/indoor-vs-outdoor-bike-performance.html

Hi Joseph!
Thanks for the message, I know the Friel article…
For me is a matter of adaptation I think , I have huge difference in threshold power output depending if I’m indoor, outdoor, flat, climbs, road bike or TT sometimes my power drops as much as 50watts… so it’s quite challenging having a precise calculation expecially for determining intervals values.

Maybe the solution could be tweaking the xxs value to match the intensity of the workout even if it was performed with lower wattage?
You miss a precise reading of the activity data but it won’t mess with your TP calculation and gives you a more accurate planning based on fatigue management…