Different MPA?


Up to now I’ve been training mostly on my Elite Direto trainer using Xert Workout Player ConnectIQ App on my Garmin Edge 820 unit. But I started riding outdoor on my bike equipped with Quarq DZero power meter. On my outdoor activities I use again the Garmin Edge 820 unit, but without the Xert Workout Player. Rather I’ve setup a screen with Xert fields - MPA, power, focus, strain. What strikes me most is that On Xert Workout player it reads that my MPA is 2240W, while on the MPA field when I start outdoor ride it start with initial value of 1940W. And there were multiple occasions when I exhaust the MPA available outdoors but I still feel comparably strong and continue to push. While on the trainer this is much, much more difficult. What may be the reason for this difference? Is there anything I shall check?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Andrey. Those PP numbers seem erroneously high (olympic level track athlete sort of numbers). Check out the FAQ on wrong signatures to see how to go about fixing it. The discrepancy will likely get corrected once your PP returns to more normal values. Also recognize that the power from your Elite and from your Quarq will be different so you may need to adjust your signature for your outdoor rides. Using powermatch with the Garmin workout player will alleviate this moving forward.

Hm… I read the FAQ “Is my Fitness Signature wrong?”. I also remembered that I had set in my profile the signature decay method to “New - no decay”. I changed it to the “Original” setting and recalculated the progression. My figures changed slightly, but not a big difference. PP is 2240W, HIE 55.4kJ, TP 199W. The FAQ says to look at the activities table for anomalies, but… what exactly shall I look for?

Set them to more realistic numbers before running the recalc. If you have activities with very high Max Power values (use the Activities Table and add that column), they should be removed or fixed before the recalc is run.

I looked at the max power values… max power is in the range of 760W (measured by Quarq on the trainer I have never done such peaks), and that power is seen relatively late in my progression. On the elite direto is harder to make peaks and I saw that on it the max power is arond 500W. There is one ride that I have entered manually (as the garmin crashed at the end, but I have remembered the duration and the xss data) and it does not have any power values. What are realistic numbers that I shall enter before the recalc? How do I get them?

Thanks for the support, BTW…

Looking at the FAQ, I entered initial values of PP 400w and HIE 5kJ and issued progress recalculation. At the end… I got new signature of PP 760W and HIE 12.6kJ. Strange but my threshold power went up from 199W to 237W. Shall I consider this realistic result?

Yes. Your PP and HIE were much too high which had lowered your TP considerably. :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks again for the support.