Different "Automatic" Fitness Signatures for the Same Workout

I did a short workout with high effort (at least for me) just to update my signature, see: Signature1
Then I pressed the Extract and the TP started to increase and the HIE decrease, every time I pushed it I got a different value, and after like 10 times these values did not change, and here the final signature: Signature2
My questions are:

  1. why the automatic and the extracted signatures are different? TP differs in 11 watts: that is double the increase that Xert projected for an event in 4 months
  2. what is the reliable signature? the first or the last?
  3. should I then extract the automatic signature after every breakthrough and save it? I really hope not, because I want to leave everything in automatic. I do not even want to change decays during base training, as suggested many times by Armando in this Forum, I just update my signature with a high effort, as I did here).

The extraction uses your last signature (or in the case of the Activity Details, the signature displayed) as the starting point for extraction and increments your parameters from there. Not all activities express your signature entirely but overall, the signature extraction process with converge on the best one and then make adjustments with each activity.

Still not clear to me. Let me see if I got it right, please correct me if I am wrong:

  1. The automatic new fitness signature, due to a breakthrough, updates the signature taking into account the previous signature.
  2. If I extract the signature many times, the new signature is just based on one activity, which might not be representative enough if my fitness.
    So, can I conclude that it is better to always use option 1), thus taking into account historical fitness?