Difference in XSS from Xert EBC to when it is saved on the platform

Did a ride using the Xert EBC app on my phone (indoor trainer ride, using 4iiii powermeter to record power which I always double check to make sure it matches outside, but on a smart trainer for the controls). Stopped the recording when the workout was complete plus a little extra riding to meet an XSS of 100. When I went and looked online the ride has an XSS of 95. When the workout completed I had an XSS of 92 or 93 so 7-8 of XSS or cooldown riding. I’m not sure what it going on? The time seems correct for the duration of the ride. Has anybody troubleshooted a similar discrepancy?

The basic XSS calculator on the phone apps (or Connect IQ data field on a Garmin device) has less precision than the second-by-second analysis of an activity when it is uploaded to xertonline.com.
While the XSS goal for the day is an approximate target I think many of us ride until we hit a number we have in mind (XSS or duration) before ending an indoor recording. I often keep riding indoors after a workout until my HR drops below 100.
The final analysis on Xert’s server is what counts.

Oh thanks. Totally makes sense. Glad I didn’t have any settings issues.