Difference in Fat/Carbs between Garmin and Web

I notice a rather big difference between the Fat/Carbs apps on my Garmin and the final result after the ride on the website.
last ride 51.5g/41.7g on the Garmin and 39g/68g on the site.
Is there any specific reason or am I doing something wrong?



Are you seeing a green dot to indicate signature is up-to-date between XO and the device?
Fat and Carbs - Xert | Garmin Connect IQ

That will be the issue. It doesn’t seem to want to save the credentials. Each time I go back to the Garmin app on the phone and look at the settings of the app the username and password is gone. I use the same for the other apps without any issue. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled the app ginning me the same result.

now the credentials remain but the issue is identical. I’ve been able so see a green dot once Fat. For focus I noticed a change from red to green including an update message on threshold power, HIE …

all of a sudden it started working at the beginning of a training. I had to pause the set a couple of times, I’ve seen most Xert data fields update except for the Far/Carbs. Green dot become a red dot and stayed like that for the entire training. My mobile phone was close to the Garmin 1030 with bluetooth on.
is it wiser to disable bluetooth and only update from time to time? Or are there other ways to get this stable?