Detailed help for Android App

I found some general descriptions of the android app, but still feel left with questions like:

  • How can I on activity screen see remaining interval time (it’s not below the power figure as shown on some pictures)?
  • What do all the things in settings>options mean? And what are the units used? And do I need to set e.g. wheel size when using a FTMS supported trainer?
  • What do the calibration and offset things mean and how to I use them after connecting to sensors?
    I just can’t find the really detailed manual for all this. Can anyone direct me please?
    Best regards

What brand/model trainer are you using?
What brand/model power meter on your bike?

Timer below watts used to be visible during an active workout interval. Not sure why it’s no longer shown. Perhaps font size for the number is too large now or the function got dropped in error during a recent update.

Enable Logging = leave disabled; used for troubleshooting with Xert support
Enable Remote Player = to play the workout through the Remote Player/Monitor option on XO (
Imperial Units = km to miles
Record GPS = enable for recording outdoor ride/activity route map
Red Zone = adjusts rainbow gauge band size when loading activity*
Tire Diameter = can be used to adjust calculated speed/distance for the trainer; best to use Speed from Power which is also the default method if Powermatch is enabled.
Yellow Zone = adjusts rainbow gauge band size when loading activity*
Xert Server = leave as default (used for testing with Xert support)
*Not sure why you would want to do this. :smiley:

Calibration is available with some trainer connections. Otherwise you would calibrate your trainer with the app provided by the manufacturer.
Offset would only be used if a significant discrepancy between trainer power and power meter and using Powermatch. However, I believe Powermatch is automatic now.

Reference: Using Xert Mobile for Android – Xert (

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Was meant to be somewhat more customizable. But best just to leave it at the default, where
RED = TTE at current power in < 30s
YELLOW (should be Orange zone) = TTE at current power in < 3 min

Thanks a lot for your thorough reply.
I have now set most settings default as you recommend including speed from power. I also hope the interval timer will show up again in some later update?
I’m using an Elite Tuo trainer (FTMS compatible), which provides power, speed, cadence and trainer control directly via bluetooth. It works fine and I get the pulse from a bluetooth chest-strap.
Thanks again

There is a new app for Android users due out soon. A public beta will be available shortly.
You won’t have any problem seeing the interval timer on any screen. :smiley:

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