Desktop client future?

Just a thought for @xertedbrain after I noticed that the Xert EBC iOS app runs fine on my M1 Mac…

Given that new M1 Macs can run iOS apps and Windows 11 will run Android apps, maybe there is a desktop client in Xert’s future without too much extra work? Landscape mode is the only thing missing, and that would be good for iPad users anyway.


We are looking at an iPad app but mostly for team / group training. Looking to get a new release out for the iPhone app to add essential features to it. Would be great to see our iOS/Android apps work on desktop OS’s together with the Session Player.

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Coming back to this, is the EBC Android app available on the Amazon app store?

This might sound minor, but one reason I haven’t been using Xert recently for indoor workouts is that I like to hear interval notification sounds on the Windows desktop that is running music and whatever video I am watching. Would be nice to have the actual app running there rather than just a silent browser window.

@xertedbrain I managed to install it

Next challenge - sensors :slight_smile:

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A real iPad app would be awesome. Im currently using a iPhone. Kinda small image to look at. If you could also get it to work with older iPads like you do on an iPhone even better.

Just a request.


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