Derived Run calorie inaccuracy

I ran 2 miles steady today. Garmin and Strava both had it at 296kcal whereas xert using the derived hr metrics gave 209kcal. The same bodyweight is on all 3.

Sorry but thats a HUGE difference.

Strava uses the data passed to it for calories (i.e. uses what’s in the calories field from the Garmin). I believe Garmin uses some generalized HR method, i.e. not user specific. You can try this by uploading to another Garmin account with different HR settings and see if you have the same results.

But what im trying to say is that the kcal useage claimed by xert is wrong. Ive calculated it both manually and using 3 different online apps and the xert number is WAY too low.

Strange… I find the Xert calculation to be similar to my Garmin Fenix 7x . However, Rouvy app calories calculation are systematically lower than Xert/Garmin.

I though Xert/Garmin were more precise than others.