Derived Power used in analysis for powermeterless ride


I am new here and figured my question was already asked many times so I search around a bit. Basically I would like the rides on my mtb or runs (both with HR data) to be taken into account in the analysis of my fitness and not just the data from my roadbike with a powermeter. I rode about 300k MTB in december and not a single activity adds to my numbers. I came across the “Derived Power” - can this be used in the analysis of my fitness development?

If you’re referring to Derived Power on the Android app, it’s in experimental status so test it together with a power meter to see if it works for you. It has no calibration at the moment so the numbers are not likely to represent your real power. Some are using it quite successfully, however.

Hi Armando, thanks for the very quick reply!
So I understand I can use the derived power during the ride/session, but is there any way to incorporate the collected derived power data into the analyses offered by your web platform?
I trained a lot with my powermeterless MTB this winter, but my FTP is plummeting according to the chart “my fitness -> Progression” :slight_smile:

Not retroactively unfortunately.