Derived activities automaticly being flagged

Hi all,

I noticed that for some heartrate derived activities the activity is being flagged after sync from Strava.
I removed and resynced them but they remain flagged after sync.
This is what I see from the activity screen:
Anyone any clues?

Thanks for your support.
Gr Johan Barelds

No cadence? I don’t have HR derived activities, but I think I read you need HR and cadence… Not sure if that would raise a flag though, or if that’s caused by something else.

There is cadence. Especially bought a cadence sensor to make it work with Xert.
You can see the cadence in the activity graph.
There are though some periods during the activity that cadence (and speed) are zero due to coffee breaks. Not sure if this affects the flagging.

Gr Johan B

Okay - I couldn’t find cadence in the screenshot you provided. Anyway, that’s all I got :sunglasses:

Surely it is being flagged because the file does not have enough information in it to generate info. No XSS score, no calories/fat/carbs etc.
I am guessing as I have not seen a HR only workout before.

This is likely the issue - the system doesn’t like seeing you HR flatline during an activity. You can remove the flag and if should still give you the XSS.

Which is what he did already…

Sorry, I read that wrong…

Ok. I made the wrong assumption that the zero XSS, calories/fat/carbs etc where the cause of the flagging. It now turns out this it was the result of the flagging.
I removed the flags and the info came back in again. Yeaha!
So the only thing for me to check in the future is that there is not false positives flagging.
Thanks all for your support guys!
Much appreciated.

Gr Johan B

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