Delete part of inactive training, possible?

Hi everyone and happy new incoming Year !
The question: from the training report screen, (whether XERT or imported), and more precisely from the graph, it is known that it is possible to select a part of it. Today, at the end of my workout, I forgot to stop my Edge 1030, only realizing it two hours later. Now, from the graph, is it possible to select the inactive part and then delete it?

This is the screenshot of my ‘prolonged’ workout.

Thanks in advanced,
Corrado, Italy.

Download activity as a FIT file.
Delete the activity.
Go to:
Use Section Remover to edit the file.
Import edited file back into Xert.


Thank’you so much Ridge ! Good news, another good tips ! Thank’you and happy new year !
All the best. :hugs:

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