Deficit or Surplus, you decide!

Can someone explain this to me? I did a massive ride 2 days ago, so the reported Deficit seems odd. And what’s up with the Surplus added into the workout goal?

Training Deficit as of 11:59 pm : 50 XSS

Phase : Base
Focus Type : Endurance (Focus: 03:00:00)
Interval Targets: 200W
Workout Goal : 352 XSS (+302 XSS Training Surplus)
Difficulty Rating: :diamonds::diamonds:½

WOW. Maybe it thinks you’re taking a week off :thinking:

Hi @bobstoll

Welcome to the Xert Forum! Great questions!

Xert’s calculation of Surplus/Deficit doesn’t just look at your last couple days of riding, but looks at how those days align with what you did the previous week as well as your selected improvement rate. What you should expect to see next week is that Xert will assume that you’ll be doing another massive ride on Friday again (so deficit will increase quite a bit on Friday).

As long as the training pacer needle is approximately centered near the 12 o’clock position, I wouldn’t fret about a deficit of 50 XSS - you can make it up on another day. But this line is saying that if you were to train, Xert would say that you could do a 352 XSS ride (likely because you may tend to do longer rides on weekends). Whether or not you choose to train is your choice (and you could choose to do less). And if you did a 352 XSS ride, you would have a training surplus of 302 XSS (352 XSS - 50 Deficit = 302 Surplus). Hopefully that makes sense!


The Workout Goal is based on your previous weeks’ activities. So if you had done long, big XSS rides on that day previously, the system would expect you to do the same today too! Look back in your calendar and see what’s there.


Ok, I’m beginning to understand this whole 1 week lookback thing. So it’ll probably be upset this week when I don’t do a massive ride on Friday, but I’ll surprise it on Saturday :slight_smile: