Declining TP while load goes up, training is intense and breakthroughs happen?

Hi, probably a real beginner’s mistake at my end, but I struggle to make sense of it all. I reckon that despite me trying to grasp all of this programme it’s still too complex and rich. My main question is why my TP curve keeps stubbornly to go down since early Feb when I finished the indoor trainerroad programme and moved outdoors. However, I really push hard lately and have quite a few medals indicating breakthroughs with ‘yellow dots’ on the single activity curves indicating strong efforts etc.
I guess it’s linked to this that my TP in the signature keeps going down in the forecasted six weeks, too.

Is perhaps my signature completely wrongly set? How shall I adjust it?

Lastly a basic q - my activity of yesterday shows in the calendar (after manual upload - did not sync automatically?!) but still no show in the progress chart.
thanks for the help

Your signature parameters will only go up when you have a breakthrough. In between these activities your parameters will decline relative to the amount of strain you accumulate: the more you accumulate, the slower the decline. This is to prevent overestimating and allowing you to post breakthroughs to maintain your numbers. We can better track and predict your numbers but when users on Facebook were asked if they wanted the software to predict or use breakthroughs, they preferred to have the system use breakthroughs.

Thanks, Armando, for the fast reply. So I do see my peak power get pushed up notch by notch over the last weeks to a more realistic level, but by TP and HIE is still unrealistically low. I say so because it feels lower than what I had achieved in testing in the past and feeling as strong/fast now if not more so. Secondly, because in nearly every activity I still get Efforts near MPA which I reckon would indicate that the system estimates my MPA as being too low?

If your signature is set correctly, you should only be able​ to reach MPA with a maximal effort. If your efforts exceed MPA, your signature parameters will adjust upwards. If you find it impossible to reach MPA, your signature parameters are set too high.