December 23rd Update

  1. Adapt Forecast should be improved and handle changes in availability and updates based on today’s training completion better.
  2. Forecast AI should do a better job and managing overall intensity distribution during the training plan.
  3. Adapt should not stay lit after you run it.

Cool improvements in the works:

  1. Going to introduce the concept of Event Readiness into the Event selection. Rather than say you can’t train for the event, we’re looking to provide a quantification of readiness instead. More details to follow once we complete it.
  2. We quietly introduced Relative Power recently. The feature is currently only visible if you do a group ride and other athletes share their data. It’s under Advanced Stats when you see a group ride banner show. It’s a way to compare power from two riders of different weights. It’s going to have a starring role in the Target Event planning. I’ll leave with some curiousity as to what this means. :smile:

Thanks to all of you for your feedback, comments and patience.