Decay setting change/Signature changes

I changed my decay setting 3-4 weeks ago because I was going to be taking a rest week and due to the non stop bad weather in California I was having a hard time keeping my hours up. I have not been doing any break through efforts so didn’t want to watch my FT dropping 2-3 watts a day depressing me more than the weather.

I switched it back to default decay setting yesterday and my FT dropped 23 watts (320 to 297) and Xert told me to switch it back since I haven’t done a breakthrough in months. When I switched it back, my FT only went to 300 but my HIE went up to 28 from 22-23 range I’ve been in.

due to learning Xert this past winter and having a target event middle or March I skipped a lot of the training and just rode endurance miles. Once I figured it out, Xert had me doing shorter intervals as I was closer to the event and I had chosen puncheur as my athlete type. This makes sense as to why I’ve gained HIE but my TP hasn’t changed much in months, been fluctuating between 317-325.

Did I make a mistake and now Xert is calculating the numbers incorrectly? I’m now going to start working on my TP so I guess I’ll get a breakthrough soon enough, just trying to learn the system for the future. I did hit “save” after changing the decay, not “recalculate” though it did ask me to recalculate from last breakthrough which was Jan 12th, maybe this is why all my numbers are thrown off?

Forgot to mention my training load had dropped from 140 down to 125 at the time I changed the decay setting, at current setting it has bounced back up to 140. Why? thanks.