Decay for activity without power data

I am currently at the base phase of my training plan so I set my decay to “no decay”. Last weekend I had two rides without powermeter. I estimated XSS for these activieties and typed it in fitness planner. Maybe I am wrong but when I look at the progression graph it looks for me that activieties without powerdata have much faster decay.

Is it possible that in this situation decay for normal activitie and one without power data is different or am I wrong?

Thank you,

Hi Marcin. Check the Activities Table to see how those two activities have affected your signature. It may not be so apparent on the XPMC chart.

Thank you very much. It seems that indeed my activities without a power meter did not have a big impact on my signature.

I do not have much experience with structured training but with Xert I can see how every workout affects my form and I like it very much.

Thank you again for your help.