Days off - please explain

I love the ‘adviser’ feature, however I’m confused at how it calculates deficit, surplus and days off. On Tuesday I had surpluss = 102& advised days off = 1.2… the next day, after one day off, I had XSS deficit = 120 & advising 1.4 workouts, or 1.9 hours of workout.
I just don’t understand how from advising 1.2 days off, within 24 hours I have a deficit… I’d just like to be able better predict the rest period… how do I calculate the XSS requirement or target per day so I can manually estimate deficit and rest time?

Hi Ian, the days off is just a quantification of your current training surplus relative to your improvement rate. We originally thought it would help athletes get a sense of what the surplus means but it appears that it is often taken literally. Since the deficit/surplus can be quite dynamic, the days off can fluctuate during the days off period making it confusing. Training gets counted all at once when an activity or workout is analyzed. This leads to jumps in your Training/Recovery Loads. Just be cognizant that the deficit/surplus and days off are general guidelines that shouldn’t be looked at too precisely. Check the FAQ and blog for greater details on what is happening. Cheers.

OK, thanks, explains why it’s difficult to ‘forecast days rest’ after training hard to build up a deficit. No worries, I’ll soon bring the surplus back down.