Data Power down App Xert with Elite Drivo I - Android 10 Samsung Note9

Hi guys,
I am testing Xert after reviewing many opinions about the app. Now I am trying to load an app workout with ERG mode on my Elite Drivo I. All pairing works fine as seen in the pictures, but when checking the data the BPM jumps from 60 to 90, from 90 to 130 and then it drops to 50 As for the control of the power trainer it loads data 5 seconds and then the power measurement comes down.

Thanks for you support,

Bogotá Colombia

Hello Javier

Could you kindly try our Beta app, version 3.4.5? You can join the Beta Program on Google Play.

Let us know if it resolves your issues. Send us details at

Armando, thanks for you support. After that i’ve suscribe to beta program and im testing de app. Any result, i will be posting here.
Thanks Javier.