Data form Xert EBC or Zwift for workouts


I have a question. I’m using Xert app (android) for workout and zwift for something to look on PC ( and count distance because i have problem with distance on Xert app). I’m saving both activities and here is the question. Should i use zwift data (I realy wont get distance data ) or just xert data for optimal information for training plan? OR there is another way to do this?

Analysis-wise it shouldn’t matter, but wouldn’t you lose the workout title/description and target power if you save only the Zwift file?
Where else is your data synced that would flow into Xert if you don’t save the EBC recording?
Is the speed/distance issue due to your trainer model/power meter combo?

I have a CyclOps Magnus wheel on smart trainer with the trainer being controlled by Xert and power being read from Assioma Duo power pedals. I record both with Xert iPad app and from my Garmin set to indoor setting with GPS off (I don’t Zwift). I save both files.
I also get different mileage readings (yesterday my ride on Garmin based on wheel size had me at 18 miles while Xert had me at 24 miles. Since miles and what not don’t really matter to me (being on a trainer, not really going anywhere) I analyze Xert using Xert and Garmin using as well as Garmin connect. Power and HR are no different, just average speed and total miles.
I don’t know if this helps (depends what’s important to you I guess) you but does work for me.