Data fields update for Epix 2 Fenix 7

Dear users,
Is there a planned update for Xert data fields compatibility with new Garmin devices? I moved from a forerunner 945 to an Epix2 and lost Xert compatibility.

Hi @ldeleu ,

Thanks for your message. It’s on our list of to-do’s! It’s a shame that Garmin doesn’t make their new devices CIQ compatible with existing apps/data-fields out of the box.


I am absolutely thrilled to know this is being done. I should also know better than to ask this, but is there an ETA at all?

Thank you @ManofSteele, I agree with you that it is a pain that Garmin does not automatically includes new devices in the compatibility list.

Hi Everyone, Are there any updates on this? I bought an Epix watch thinking I could get Xert data fields workouts but turns out not supported…didn’t want to buy a separate Garmin computer just for that.