Daily Fitness signature

Do the values of my fitness signature on a given day represent “if fresh” values or actual estimates for that day taking into account training status, e.g. “fatigued”, Form, etc. ?

Also, in looking at the Progression chart it’s not easy to remember when the values represented on any day are/were “as of”, for example before a workout takes place, after, instantaneously, or at a set time (e.g., 12:01 AM). Could you restate them here, both for the current day and past days, if different:

  • Threshold power
  • Training load
  • Form
  • XSS


Hi Ken,

The fitness signatures presented on the XPMC are the fitness signatures as of the start of that activity. They dont currently consider freshness/fatigue, so they represent your “best possible” fitness signature. I suspect that, given enough data, we could begin to identify a relationship between recovery load and fitness signature parameters.

Hope this helps!