Cyclocross Functionality

How effective is this to help design a program for a cyclocross racer? Will it take into account the skill portion of cross training? Of course doing endurance based workouts will be a benefit to improve speed and stamina. But, the skill portion of CX measures virtually no power, ie. running, low speed maneuvering, carrying. how does the algorithm account for things that are mainly HR based? What type of rider profile would a CX racer select? I am very interested in this product it looks like a great alternative to T.P. Thanks.

Hello BJ. Xert doesn’t yet count those times when you’re running/carrying the bike and showing 0 power. But you can certainly train for CX by examining rides that did not include running/carrying the bike to see what focus they are for you. CX tends to be focused on shorter duration fitness - Breakaway Specialist and lower. This means that you can focus your training on shorter duration workouts. Stephen Cheung even posted some workouts designed for CX in our library. (One of the main differences in using Xert over all other software that use the older methods, is that is properly accounts for very short efforts. These are masked when you normalize power with 30 second moving averages and thus are under-represented in terms their impact to training and recovery. That’s a very big difference!)

Ok, so I should set my plan up as a breakaway specialist if I am understanding the philosophy correctly. where would Steven’s CX workouts be listed or what would the names of these workouts be? So far this has been a pretty nice platform to work on.
Thanks for the info.

Thanks BJ! If you key in “CX” or “Cheung” on the Workout Listing search box, they should all just pop up. Click the row to select the workout and it should come up automatically on any one of our workout players when they launch.