Cycling/Activity Summary - POWER

Hi, i’m new to Xert (Premium Trial) and have a question about power.

All imported/synced data or/and Xert rides have a summary overview.
Having searched in the Xert Glossary of Terms i’m not quite shure about:

-Equivalent Power (…equivalent to what? …to my settings/goals?)
ps: …when synced to Strava it’s XEP, so that’s “Xert Equivalent Power”./?
-Maximum Power (…Mean Maximal Power? …or Maximal Power available?)
ps: …maybe that’s the maximal peak power (one time/like max heart rate)?

Thanks :+1:

From the glossary –

Xert Equivalent Power

Also called XEP, this represents the average power that more closely resembles what the athlete experienced during the activity. The more time the athlete spends working near MPA, the higher the XEP value will be relative to the average power.

Mean Maximal Power

Also referred to as the acronym MMP, this represents that highest average power for a given period. It is used in Xert’s Workout Designer to represent the highest power that is sustainable for a given duration. For example, 20 minutes MMP represents the highest power that can be sustained for 20 minutes.
MMP is also used interactively in Xert Mobile to represent the highest power that could be sustained for a duration at a given moment. For example, after 12 minutes at your 20 minute MMP which is, say, 250 watts, at that moment, your 8 minute MMP would be 250 watts.

N.B. Although the term MMP is used in Xert, it would be more correctly described as maximal sustainable power, since Xert establishes your power duration relationship based on fresh-to-failure, steady-state efforts and not on average power. Using MMP calculations from regular power data is more commonly used to establish the power-duration relationship, despite its limitations. The term MMP has been chosen because the concept is more readily understandable.

Reference –
Full Glossary – Xert (

Thanks for the info about the correct terms used and the link to the Full glossary (which i’ve overseen) :+1: