Cutting a workout short

Is there any penalty to you fitness signature for non completion of a workout, if you are simply cutting it short because you only want to one hour of the workout to meet your target XSS, rather than failing to meet interval targets?

I’m new to Xert, but stands to reason that there would be a penalty, but more in the sense of not getting as much credit as you would’ve for finishing the whole workout. The algorithm seems to take into account whatever activity you do or don’t do in computing your fitness signature, the workouts are recommended by the training advisor in light of what you enter as your goal and end date, but in theory you could just keep feeding it activities and never follow any of its recommended workouts and it will keep updating your fitness signature accordingly. Think of the training advisor as a coach, you can choose to follow the coach or not, think of the fitness profile as an independent fitness evaluator that keeps evaluating your fitness.

Hope I got that right :slight_smile: The above approach is what is impressive to me so far about Xert. I hope they update the platform to take into account cross-training activities like weight training and running on treadmill and outdoors.

Thanks for the reply. I am not looking to do less xss than suggested, but if the training advisor recommends say 115xss for the day and I do a Sufferfest workout worth say 70, I then want to do Xerts LSD for example for the remaining 45xss. This means I will cut LSD off early, and want to know if their is some unforeseen impact

No penalty! It’s all about accumulating the right amount of, and right kind of, strain (XSS). It’s a new dawn in training that reflects the fact that we’re human, not robots :slight_smile:

i agree Jamie. Very impressed with Xert

That’s great. I didn’t express it properly but that is how I thought it worked, good to confirm.