Customizing the Calendar

Is there a way to setup or customize my calendar so that my rest days are always Mondays and Fridays. My high intensity days are always Tuesday and Thursdays. Saturdays are my long ride days. Wednesday and Sundays are zone 2 endurance rides.

The forecastAI program wasn’t designed to work quite how you’re describing here, but there are tools to make it function similarly…

  • First, you should use the ‘Availability’ option to make all Mondays and Fridays as Unavailable
  • Next, you could select a low-intensity workout (or use a previously completed Z2 ride) and ‘Pin’ it to the forecast for Wednesday and/or Sunday.
  • Once that’s done, you can Adapt Forecast and Xert will re-work the schedule such that Mon/Fri are rest days, Wed/Sun will match your selected Z2 workout/ride, and then recommend high intensity (if needed for your program & training status permits) into the remaining days of the week.

Looks like you want to lay out your own plan and don’t need any help. :smile:

While you can’t specify when your low or high intensity training rides will happen, you can instruct the system to adjust around the training you want to do. When a plan gets laid out, go to a day where you have a specific workout/ride you want to do and assign it to the training forecast. Pin it. Then run Adapt Forecast to have the system work around your choice.

For example, if the forecast has a 100XSS High Intensity Mixed Rouleur on a Wednesday and you want to do it Tuesday, pick a compatible workout for Tuesday, pin it, and then run Adapt Forecast. XFAI will reanalyze everything and make it work for you.


I was able to successfully use the availability function and set Mondays and Fridays to rest days. I then looked at the forecast for this week and saw XFAI has forecasted an Endurance ride for this coming Wednesday. So I clicked on Autogen . Got an Endurance workout and Pinned it. After that I clicked on Adapt Forecast. I looked at next week and few more weeks away schedule and still see high intensity workouts on Wednesdays . I am not sure what I did wrong here. I thought by pinning an Endurance workout to Wednesdays, it will tell Adapt forecast to plan Endurance rides for all Wednesdays. I need further clarification here.

The other part I had trouble figuring out was this. Lets Say Wednesday has a high intensity forecast. I want to move it to Thursday. I auto gen the Wednesday forecast and got a high intensity workout. I pinned it. How do I then move this in the calendar to the Thursday. When I click and drag it it doesn’t move. Is there a way to move workouts to a different day.

Pinning a workout is only for that day. Generally the expectation is that you’ll plan out your specific training for a few days, maybe a week of the specific training you will be doing. Pin them. Adapt if needed. Then depending on how well you perform against the plan, you’ll Adapt again in the future and see things shift to accommodate what you did and where you need to get to.

Atm, you can’t just move things around because it may very well be a bad decision. Training status and timing of workouts is important to success and so it’s better to let XFAI do the moving. XFAI works through all the effects of each forecasted training activity towards the plan. (We’ve seen cases where you make a small change today and it makes a forecasted training activity months away break a constraint. Everything is adding up towards your goal.)

For example, if Wednesday is a high intensity day, open the day and view the Recommended Training. Look for a workout, activity you would do or autogen if desired. If you want to do this Tuesday, open Tuesday and use the filter/search to choose the same workout/activity/autogen workout. Pin it. Adapt. Ideally it doesn’t mess up the plan and in most cases it’ll get absorbed fine. However, if your plan is wound tight, eventually moving something means you can’t reach your goal and Adapt will stay indicated.

The ability to enter workouts manually like this, pin them, then have XFAI plan around them is a great and greatly appreciated feature and a tremendous differentiator compared with other platforms. Thank you!

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