Customising a smart workout

If I wished to for example reduce the peak in say ‘I wont back down’ should I be looking to keep ‘power and rest inbetween power’ in balance with MPA%? Adjusting TP% and MPA% is straightforward but not sure about XSS/hr (XSSR) on recovery. I guess you can adjust the whole workout by moving the workout Sig TP up or down.

Hi John. You can use the copy workout feature at the bottom of the page on the Workout Designer to put a copy of it into your own library and make your own changes.

Thanks Armando but my question was about making those changes :slight_smile:

When you load the workout, it will use your current signature. The signature you see on the designer is just for design purposes. It is not what will be used when you run the workout. Adjusting the Target MPA values lower, reduces the duration of the interval. Adjusting XSSR down, reduces the intensity. HTH

Yes thanks Armando it’s all helping I’m getting a lot more sorted now. Just found the blog entry explaining MPA reserve % - same principle as HRR!