Cross Training?

I’m sorry if I’ve already posted about this, but searching back through the “forum” is almost impossible…

Is it possible to track/log cross training, or must everything be linked to cycling-based power? Running is a classic method to cross train, especially during winter months, to keep things fresh and diverse. I’ve thrown in some rowing as well. I have HR data for all events, and Training Peaks and Strava both assess a stress score associated with the activity.

You can log your cross training in the calendar/Fitness Planner for record keeping if you like, but we don’t recommend that you add XSS for these activities. The reason for this is that Xert uses the Training Load (fitness) and Recovery Load (fatigue) from activities with XSS to adjust the recommendations of the Advisor. However, Training Load from one sport is not directly correlated to fitness improvements in another sport in a 1-to-1 relationship, although Recovery Load may - depending on the sport e.g. a 1hr run could make you tired on the bike ride, but a 1hr swim wouldn’t to the same degree. Other platforms don’t offer recommendations like Xert does, so they don’t need to concern themselves with this information.