create a workout from scratch

I may have missed this somewhere in the threads, (search feature would be great) But, is there a way to create a workout from scratch? is this a feature in the coaching side of the program?
also, has there been any movement of calculating in HR only for a workout yet?

There was an early blog on Designing Workouts with MPA. Your best bet is to make a copy of a workout that similar to one you wish to create and make changes to it to meet your needs.

Ok, So to be clear even if I had a coached subscription I would not be able to create a custom workout for an athlete with the assistance fo the algorithm. ie. a cx workout that included 30/30’s or even 30/30/30’s?

You can always create a custom workout for you and any athletes that are part of your coach community.

Thank you

Could you guide me on how to change from a personal account to a coaching one? I can’t seem to find where to do it.