Couldn’t finish workout on erg. Never went above TP

Hey, new Xert owner and ex-lazy bum here. I’m trying to get fit agin from essentially 0. I feel like I still have some power in my legs, but my endurance is completely gone. The only way I would be able to go long is if the pace and power varies lots. A perfectly steady spin in Z2 or even Z1 feels harder than a ride of the same duration with a higher average power, but as long as the pace changes I can keep at it.

I was trying to complete “Takin’ Care of Business - 180“ but after 83 minutes I had to continually lower the bias on the trainer. After 120 minutes I had to take a break off of the bike, when I got back I couldn’t peddle at anything more than recovery.

The thing is, I never once in the workout went over my TP, so my Peak Power never lowered. I feel like the workout took 100% out of me, but I don’t think that Xert recognizes my failure the same way. The workout wasn’t supposed to go over my TP, so how am I supposed to alert the system that the prescribed training was too difficult for me. My heart rate kept gradually raising throughout the workout until it was higher than it should have been for the zone I was riding in. I thought seeing your heart rate exceed its normal range for the effort would be useful, but from some other reading on here, Xert only seems to look at power data.

Do I just keep working out like normal to give the system more data to read from, or should I make some changes to my profile today?


Best if we have more background info --.
Start here Beginner questions - Support - Xert Community Forum ( and then post your questionnaire answers on this thread.

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Like @ridgerider2 says, take a look through the beginner questions. If you’re still struggling with things, send a note to support and someone will be happy to help you review your data. Cheers!