Could the Activity analytics show gradient as well the other categories?


I would like to be able to choose to display the gradient in the analytics graph - the actual height above sea-level is not always that useful I find - possibly because I live in a low lying area by the sea.

Could it possibly be rendered as a heat map similar to that used by Veloviewer - but certainly a combination of profile and % gradient to let one see it relative to the effort and position up a hill.


I do not know if the data you can extract from Strava or Garmin FIT files holds the gradient or of you would need to calculate it - I know the gradient my Garmin shows on real time is often not believable or lags behind reality.

One of the things that Garmin and Strava do is correct elevation data when you upload your ride. We’d need correct elevation data in order to calculate gradient otherwise it won’t be meaningful. I think showing gradient is a good idea and we’ll log this request since gradient can affect your ability reach MPA (easy done when climbing than when descending, for example). A bit work though to get there…