Could not perform workout (too hard) - signature correction?

Dear Xert-Community,

i looked up the forum regarding correcting the fitness signature. Unfortunatly i am not quite sure what to do in my case.

I performed the workout “SMART - blood and thunder” and it was all fine but not the very first set. I was simply not able to pedal through the full 30 seconds.
Please see my activity.

Even for the first 30 seconds I had to stop 3 seconds before finish, I tried hard and I could not do a single stroke more. The next 2 tries, becoming worse.

How come?
As far as I have understood Xert, if my fitness signature was correct, the purple line MPA should have met the actual power, since it was an all out effort.

Now I tried to play with the signature values for this activity. Since my TP feels reasonable, i lowered HIE. The thing is, i had to lower it to ruffly 10 kj until the MPA line crossed my actual power.
Does this make any sense?

And why did it suggest I had 35kj in the first place, when it was so off?

I am confused. Anyone has any ideas?

SMART - Blood and Thunder: Xert - Workout Details (
While you didn’t complete that set’s final seconds at 1min MMP, you successfully completed the intervals close to 100% compliance.

Instead of 6 min Focus (Rouleur) you achieved 7:28 which is closer to GC Specialist (8 min power).
The power duration curve is a continuum where the labeled points represent an approximate location on the curve.

Most users can complete most HIIT workouts at 100% compliance when difficulty level diamonds matches their training load stars. However, it depends on current form (freshness) and what you’re good at.

A max effort to failure alone won’t result in a BT event.
Those intervals were not sufficient in frequency and/or duration to draw down MPA to the fatigue level required . The rest intervals were also too long (full recovery).
See this article for details on BT types and the conditions required to generate BTs.
Breaking Through the Xert Way! – Xert (

It does appear your HIE estimate is too high. The normal bell curve range is 15-24 for a PP of 1070 based on this chart:
Are there errors in my Fitness Signature? – Xert (
You can view your historical signature changes by selecting the Fitness Signature chart under the Progression tab and enabling BT, TP, HIE, and PP only.
Or review day-to-day changes by setting the Activity Table to Show 100 then scroll down.
If there are any unusual jumps you can flag the entry and your signature will recalculate.
You can alternately contact and ask support to review your data and adjust your signature.

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Thank you very much for you answer. It helped a lot. :slight_smile: