Could I have an explanation of my graph

Hi, could you provide a summary of my attached graph please. I’m not sure why my HIE was relatively high for such a long time along with Peak Power.
HIE then drops quickly I think just before the breakthrough, or perhaps because of the breakthrough?


Everything to the right of Today is predicted based on completing your XFAI plan as currently forecast.
Does the adjusted HIE line up within the normal range on this chart?

How many BT events are shown on your XPMC chart during the last 3 months?
How many during the last 6 months?

Yes. 580 and 10.4
I believe I started Xert at the beginning of December. So all the breakthroughs other than those recently were calculated from imported data.

You are correct. HIE dropped due to the BT. Consider it a correction.
Your charts look good now. :+1: