Corrupt power data

my last two rides the powertap pedals I use got stuck at a high power reading. Is there anyway to manually enter XSS value for rides with power data. I don’t want to strip the power data from the file completely since most of the power data is still relevant and useful.

Check our support site:

That article doesn’t cover my question as I do have power data, but the XSS calculated from the data is wrong because my powermeter got stuck at reading a high watt value for about 30 minutes. So xert ends up calculating ~500 XSS when it should be more like 140. When I click on edit activity the save button doesn’t show up on the bottom right. I think my only option is to delete the activity and create a new manual activity.

Yes. Apologies. That is correct. You can flag it but that will still skew your XSS. We don’t permit XSS from real power data files to be overwritten at this time.