Cooperating with Xert Adaptive Training Advisor - re restdays and workout mix

I believe Xerters need to actively cooperate with Xata in order to get the right amount of training and the right mix of workouts because:

  1. If you follow the daily advice, Xert will never suggest a rest day, and the total number of weekly hours of training will exceed the suggested number of hours re your chosen goal/program. Hence you must look to your accoumulated time, your plans for the rest of the week, and adjust accordingly with rest day(s), recovery workout days.

  2. Likewise, if you train to much, your status remains tired and Xata will mostly/only suggest Endurance workouts. In order for Xata to suggest High Intensity Intervals (which I guess I should do some of, working on my 6 min power), I must take rest days, easy workouts days in order to be Fresh (Blue star (perhaps Yellow).

I believe point 1 has been confirmed earlier, but am I right about point 2? And then I guess the mix of workouts will be correct if I do the suggested amount of weekly hours?

Also, are some type of workouts only suggested when freshness is Blue star? Or Yellow? And/or does this vary with the number of stars/general fitness?

Sorry if this is covered in the podcast, I have only heard the first 6 episodes so far!

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Re 2, I think it’s not quite right.

Yellow doesn’t mean you are tired overall, just that your high intensity/ peak ‘systems’ (for want of a better word) are tired. You can’t get yellow just by low intensity work, no matter how much you do. And one all-out 5-minute interval can sometimes be enough to make you yellow depending on starting training load

And on the flip side, you don’t need time off the bike to move from yellow to blue, you just need time off high / peak intensity I.e. you can and should keep doing easier endurance rides if you feel ok

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Point 1 isn’t exactly true either. XATA will always recommend workouts if you want to do one, in case you don’t have time the next days or whatever. But it also tells you how long you have until your next workout if you have a surplus.

Like this:

You are in the Continuous Improvement program and have chosen a Slow weekly improvement rate. You have a Training Surplus of 35 XSS points allowing you about 1.4 days before doing your next workout.. Estimated break until next workout is 1.4 days.

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If your status is yellow (high intensity systems are maxed out) XATA will only recommend endurance workout until the high systems are recovered and the status is blue again. Then you get the high intensity workouts that fit your athlete type. Unless you are in base phase, then it sticks with endurance until you reach build phase.
If high and low systems are maxed out your status turns red and XATA will only recommend active recovery workouts to get you back to yellow or blue again.
That’s how the hybrid polarization works in Xert.

The kind of workouts recommended are also aligned with your training load at least as long as there are enough workouts that fit. Number of stars to number of diamonds. Higher training load gets higher difficulty.

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I get it, thanks!

Thanks! I get it!