Continuous improvement

i want to peak for April for gc specialist. what athlete type do you suggest I use for continuous improvement in order to improve my base until the program starts(as i understand the program is a standard 120 days) ?

I’d jump around and try focus durations in different quadrants.
You can change athlete type periodically under Goals or on-the-fly by using Filter.
When you discover workouts you especially like, give them a thumbs up. :+1:
You might also consider your relative strengths/weaknesses as shown on the spider chart under the Ranking tab.

Continuous is similar to Peak phase intensity with a variety of workouts depending on form (yellow = low strain, blue/ green = high/peak strain).
If you’d like to extend Base phase, enter a TED 120 days from now then adjust it to your actual TED before you move from Base to Build.

Reference –
Program Phases – Xert (

ok , the system can sometimes be quite nuanced so thank you :grinning: :+1:,
i am currently on one hour power to try to get fit before programme starts