Continuous Improvement - Manually Set Training Phase

I’ve just re-acivated my Xert account but looking for advice to avoid experiencing the reason I cancelled previously.

I’m looking for a system to advise workouts on-demand for days when I don’t have other ride commitments (eg. leading Zwift rides or Zwift team races). My plan was to use Xert with ‘continuous improvement’, however with a Puncheur focus in continuous improvement, I always get recommended HIIT style workouts (if not tired). Now, I understand this is because ‘continuous improvement’ works like the Peak phase in your training.

My question is, is there a way to use continuous improvement, with a manually set training phase? For example, set my phase to ‘base’ whilst using continuous improvement, then Xert will recommend Puncheur base phase apppropriate workouts. Or is there another way to acheive the same a different way?

Base is the same for all athlete types. If you want base workouts, just set your athlete type to a long focus e.g. time trialist or sprint TT.

You can do that in your goals, or just in the workout filter each day (in case you want to stay puncheur in general, but just feel like a more endurance focused ride today)

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Ah, so in the list of recommended workouts, if I don’t feel HIIT is suitable for that day, I can filter the suggested workout based on a focus type.

Thanks, I hadn’t seen or used the filter before, very useful.

Was that due to viewing XO only a phone versus the desktop view on a PC/laptop/tablet?

Duration has its own dropdown so you can quickly change your available time to train today.
Otherwise, the daily advice reflects what you have done on same day of the week in recent past factored against current Goal settings and calculated form.
Filter includes focus, duration, difficulty, XSS, workout folder source, and now activity options.
Recommended lists can also be sorted by type – Workouts, Outdoor, Virtual, Sessions.
You make the final decision on what you want to do. If suffering from indecision-nitis you can tap Suggest to randomly select from top matches. Suggest also works with Filters enabled.
In all cases XATA adapts to whatever you decide to do today. :wink: That is the power of Xert.

Continuous ATP is similar to Peak phase in a progression with higher intensity workouts at selected Focus type when form is fresh.
If you want phased logic applied, you could manipulate TED to place you within a phase.
For example, set TED 120 days out to start Base phase or 75 days out to start Build phase.
Phased Progression = Base (45 days) to Build (45 days) to Peak (30 days).
If training for a future event you are best off with a periodized progression –