Continuous Improvement, Decay Method?


I’m using the Continuous Improvement program with a ‘rouleur’ focus type.
However, I’m not sure which Decay Method I should choose for this.

I’ve read everything I could about the topic but I’m still undecided.

Any opinions/pointers?


Leave it at the default (Optimal) at least until your fitness signature is established and dialed in.
You can then decide if you want to adjust decay depending on the type of training and riding that you do. For example, some prefer No Decay for an extended base period when they don’t intend to validate their signature with any BT efforts. When high intensity workouts and maximal efforts are back in play (ex. BT workouts, ZRL or drop group rides), you’ll want the Optimal or Slow setting.

Most of the settings in Xert are designed to be changed at any time. That includes ATP, decay, focus duration/type, ATP, freshness feed,back, filters, and ramp rate. Experimenting is a good way to learn how Xert works and see what changes. You can always change things back. :slight_smile:

Reference –
Xert’s Magic Setting – Signature Decay – Xert (

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