Constant phone disconnections

Hi. I use the iq xert player on my garmin 520 plus for workouts and the remote monitor to watch on the pc. I have continuous disconnections with the phone for a few seconds and then reconnect. So all the training. I have tried several phones and even with a tablet and it is the same. Any solution?

What is disconnecting from your phone? Can you connect the Xert player app on your phone to your trainer (instead)? I have found that to be more reliable, but I needed to buy a CABLE, as I have an iPhone…

The Garmin loses connection with the phone, sometimes only a few seconds but sometimes it is more than a minute. Then it reconnects. That implies that the monitor of the PC is stopped during the disconnections. I can not do it directly with the phone application because it has no ant + and by bluetooth does not regulate the roller

Okay, well then I don’t know - I have never had any connection problem between my phone and my Garmin. But yes, as soon as your Garmin drops connection, I guess the remote player would pause…

My Garmin 520 likes to disconnect from my phone at irregular intervals. I have always put it down to a buggy bluetooth stack in the Garmin, or flaky hardware. Like @Cyclopaat says, you can get a CABLE to translate Ant+ to Bluetooth. Not sure how well it would work to control your roller — you’d have to research it.

Oh, it works very well, but it is another investment not everybody is willing to make. Tacx should make their trainers FTMS compatible, but apparently, there’s a problem with that protocol, as Tacx uses for instance rider metrics to control the trainer. Besides, the OP wouldn’t need a CABLE to solve his problem, I think.

Thank you for your answers. My phone is android so it is not compatible. It also says that it does not control the smart trainer. I think the problem is in the xert player application for garmin. When I go out on the road with the garmin connected to garmin connect application only, everything works fine

I think iOS Garmin-Connect connectivity is sheit. Sync will mess up if both my edge and forerunner unit is connected. Requiring restart about 2-3 times of the app itself and turning BT off on one of the devices.

I had this very problem earlier, phone dcing from edge. It doesn’t happen very often at all these days though, I think… did not do anything to solve it.

Just to let you know that you’re not alone.

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