Consistency Metric

When you listen to the native about training, consistency is always in the top three.

When I look at the metrics available, it does not seem there is a measure of this consistency e.g. riding every hour of the day for every day of the week is taking it too the extreme.

There is compliance, but this is not the same i.e. plan prescribes one work out and you do it…. Fully compliant….

Is this possible, is there something I’ve missed here, just interested.


I think such a metric is difficult to include (and maybe even not meaningful) as super consistent may mean 3days for one and six days for another.
Not to mention the occasional recovery week or (god forbid!) rest week, which still doesn’t count as inconsistent.

Long story short: consistency as I understand it means riding for 5years with no longer then 3 full off weeks/year no matter if you else ride 3h or 15h per week

Edit: with the stars you kind of see how many hours you have done. If I don’t drop below 2.5 stars during winter I see at a glance if I m consistent enough or you can anytime take a closer look at your load chart and see exactly your consistency :+1: