ConnectIQ apps - starter questions

I haven’t used the ConnectIQ apps up to now but decided to give them a try. I have an Edge 130 right now. A couple basic questions:

  1. When I download the MPA app it says access to internet required - does it need access via smartphone while riding, or just between workouts to update fitness signatures, etc?

  2. Does using the ConnectIQ affect battery life? My Edge 130 battery life is already not great, especially when cold, so I’m worried that my computer may not last if I start to draw too much power for these apps (am considering an upgrade).

Any other tips for using these?


You only need internet connection to set up the fields and every time before you go out to ride. It uses your phone’s connection for that. You should switch on your 130 a few minutes before every ride and navigate to the Xert fields / page, so they update - you may have to press start (recording) for that to work.

It will have no effect on battery life, not noticeable anyway.

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Haven’t noticed any power differences on my 1030.
Found this article on the support site:
Updating your signature is required through your smartphone connection (GC) but if no connection things will default to their prior values. You need the connection to download a workout before starting one and a connection to sync a saved workout when finished. Although you could sync saved workouts through Garmin Express later if a smartphone connection is unavailable.
When installing through Garmin Express you have to click on the ellipsis icon (…) to approve each field/app.
There is a problem with a 3rd party data field that interferes with Xert. Something about running in background even when not displayed. If you installed a 3rd party dashboard (I forget the name of it), just remove it before using Xert.
Another recent issue is saved Indoor workouts (Xert or Garmin) are not stamped with correct date/time so they end up lost in history. This appears to be a Garmin firmware update issue. The workaround is to select Road ride, wait for a GPS lock (which syncs date/time) then switch to Indoor ride. I have to do this by holding my 1030 near a window.
All of this assumes you aren’t having to fiddle with any Garmin Connect, BT pairing, device sync issues. When it works, it’s great. When it stops working – for some unknown reason – it is a royal PITA to restore things back to normal. This is a Garmin problem, not Xert’s.


Thanks to both of you for the information. Looking forward to trying these out!

There is a recent podcast Xert on the Garmin. Episode 14 I think.
Edit Episode 13.