ConnectIQ app question

Hi, I received a new head unit last night - edge 830, and loaded up a couple of the ConnectIQ apps on to it for the first time (had been using an 810 previously).
With the MPA & Power data field, its there any way to split those fields apart? I always have my screen set up with power as a large stand alone field in the middle of the screen, making it easier to glance athwart while riding and would like to put MPA as a data field at the bottom or top. From what I see these two come locked together?

No way to separate them, it would require an additional data field. Seeing things through the Xert lens, I’d argue that seeing your power is only half the equation :slight_smile:

I totally agree but I’d love the option to decide where to put the two fields myself?

Power is also colour-coded. All our fields come as pairs at this time. Perhaps one day when the fields come already loaded on the Garmin, there will be more flexibility on placement.