Connecting with Tacx Vortex + bePro power pedals

I was trying to do the Seiler 4x8 workout using the Xert android app. I have connected to pedals via ant+ and selected them for power and cadence.
Then, I have connected to the trainer (visible as Ant Fitness Device) and selected it for powermatching and trainer control.

This did not work - the workout has started, but the power was way off and the power numbers where not updating.

Can you give me a step by step instruction on what to select in details for both the pedals and the trainer for them to work properly?

many thanks

First try and configure each individually and see that you’re getting proper power data from each of them. It appears you have everything setup correctly. You can also tap-and-hold cells on the Activity tab to show data like Trainer Power or Erg Mode. If you then tap the Erg Mode cell, you can set the resistance level on the trainer. All these should work. Then choose a workout and go from there.